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Primarily pictures of sunsets and my dog with other stuff in between

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At Mom and Luke's first @nba game ever and Dad's first @atlhawks game since 1987 The #atlhawks upset the Lakers the last time Dad attended a game, and he predicts they'll upset the #bostonceltics tonight. (And no, we didn't coordinate outfits before the game.) #truetoatlanta

Here, have some 2010.

With my heart in the middle, as it should be

There's no Robert Frost quote to be found here.

Penny has had an amazing season so far. She's come such a long way in the past four years, learning new ground, coping with her near-blindness and, above all, conquering so many of her fears. I'm so very proud of her.

She's running off Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas! Here are some throwback pictures of my parents (three of which are from Christmas, three of which are just because).

Highlights from the Montevideo Christmas Parade AKA the Redneck Christmas Parade

A dog and her human

#tbt Wilson siblings Christmas edition

The Charlie Browniest

The shadow in starlight

Nineteen years ago, this horticultural wizard was born. Happy birthday to the brightest star in this big ol' sky called life.

Like many millennials, my first exposure to Elton John was the Lion King soundtrack. I blared that album every day in the summer of 1994. Over time, my parents introduced me to the songs they grew up with, from the upbeat "Crocodile Rock" to the haunting tribute to a beauty gone too soon, "Candle in the Wind." I clung to his music like a familiar hand in a crowd, knowing it would lead me on a beautiful journey. One day in my early twenties, I actually listened to the song "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" for the first time. I'd probably heard it dozens of times before that, but I'd never really, truly listened. Bernie Taupin's lyrical tapestry felt like it had been woven for me decades before I even came into this world, and that song has been mine ever since. Hearing @eltonjohn perform all these songs for (probably) the last time I'll get to see him in concert felt so strange, but as always, he put on a mind-blowing performance. ♥️