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Zeffanie & I went to @statesidecrafts this Sunday early afternoon. First we walked to Ramen Hub south from there to purchase a meal of vegetarian ramen (green noodles) that we would consume with the new flight of beer at Stateside Crafts. Two of the flight items I loved were @allagashbrewing Pictavia Scoth Ale, and @unsungbrewing Helix Hazy IPA. I also bought from Patrick @track7brewing "Hazy Panic Northeast Style IPA." All are very good but my favorite is Unsung Helix! Very distinctive, deep, long-lasting appealing taste. The Track 7 has a brighter, more bubbly taste, effervescent. The Scotch Ale is quite excellent, tho. Any of these beers are great with @thepistachiofactory "Chile Lemon" pistachios. Get yourself over there at Stateside Craftys and try the flight while its still there!

https://vimeo.com/303508976 Copy & paste the link above for lovely "Medea" and Bernard Herrmann's music from JASON & THE ARGONAUTS! #jasonandtheargonauts #bernardherrmann #medea

My wife & I tried this morning for the very first time @amyskitchen the "Thai Curry Sweet Potato Lentil" Amy's Soups. Wonderful! In fact, we went to @mothersmarkets Mother's Market in Signal Hill & bought 2 cans as well as try soon their "Organic Chili Medium With Vegetables." You definitely need to try this specific soup! I told the manager at today's store that he absolutely has to try it--it's that tasty (and healthy). #amyskitchen #amyssoup #mothersmarket #soup #soups #lentilsoup #healthyeating

My wife, Zeffanie, & I bicycled this Friday mid-afternoon 3 miles one way to @lbbeer Long Beach Beer Lab on Willow. We bought had the new dreamy Dreamsicle IPA, a Hazy Creamsicle IPA with Citra and Mosiac Dry Hopping with added vanilla and Long Beach grown blood orange zest. I liked it so much I bought a two-pint crowler to go! We also loved the fermented four-pak vegetables, and then for desert Ube yam cake with coconut cream, mixed berry coulis, rum soaked blueberries and toasted coconut . We loved it! Terrific beer & healthy delicious food! A favorite local hangout. Also we bought a Whole Wheat Seeded Challah sweet bread! Yum!

This 2nd of January 2019 we shopped at Ralphs here in Southern California and I purchased several bottles on sale of @/paisley_farm Paisley Farm most delicious "Sweet Cauliflower" and "Asian Bean Salad" (my favorite of their three very good bean salad varieties). The sweet cauliflower is quite tasty. I highly recommend it, as well as the hearty delicious Asian bean salad. #paisleyfarm #beansalad #sweetcauliflower #vegetablesidedish

Zeffanie & I biked to @statesidecrafts Stateside Crafts this early afternoon. I bought a flight of their special selection beers (due to be tapped out very soon) and @thepistachiofactory "Chile lemon" pistachios. We ate the whole bag with the beer within 15 minutes! Not spicy hot at all, but delicious. I bought another bag to go. I also bought two 4-paks of @threeweavers "The Messenger" Sunny IPA. It has the "secret ingredient" of Yuzu fruit. I liked @topplinggoliathbrewing "Hopsmack" DIPA so much I decided to buy a bottle of "Sosus" DIPA to try soon. At Corked nearby I bought "Blind Pig" IPA but didn't think it met expectations.... My wife enjoyed Patrick's gift of @lowcountrykettle State Fair Fried Pickled potato chips! #statesidecrafts #thepistachiofactory #beer #ilovebeer #craftbeer #goodbeer

https://vimeo.com/306853171 .... Here (Copy & Paste link above) is the restored/complete unused cue by Bernard Herrmann of cue I from "The Secret" [The Story of Nathan Hale] episode of THE GREAT ADVENTURE (October 1963). Midi by Aleksandar Popović. #nathanhale #bernardherrmann #filmmusic #classictv

We shopped at Ralphs and purchased three bottles of @paisley_farm products (see image). I bought the Asian Bean Salad a month ago there and loved it! Better than even the very fine Five Bean Salad version. I have yet to try the other two products but am confident I will enjoy them. Give Paisley Farm a try during the holidays! #paisleyfarm #asianbeansalad #healthyfood #ralphs

Two days ago we purchased about a dozen of @amyskitchen Organic Soups at @mothersmarkets locally in Signal Hill. Great sale price thru December! I especially like the Carrot Ginger, the French Country Vegetable, and also No Chicken Vegetable---but I still have more to try! Believe it or not, Amy's Organic Soup lately has been my breakfast/lunch during this late Fall colder period. Very healthy & low calorie. #amyskitchen #mothersmarket #organic #soup #healthyeating

I walked to the local corner convenience store & bought these three @hangar24brewing beers. Of course I knew about #bettyipa in the fairly new-designed cans but never tried the now yellow-canned Aventura Mexican Style Lager, nor the "24" Blonde Ale. The latter two are light & refreshing but Betty is my first choice of the three! I need to try more of their beers that I haven't yet tried, like the Iconic DIPA.... #beer #hangar24 #bettyipa #ilovebeer #craftbeer

Today, this cloudy Sunday afternoon before a rain storm on Tuesday, my wife & I biked to @statesidecrafts in Bixby Center area and purchased these products (as well as two new flights). Patrick basically guaranteed that I would love @topplinggoliath Brewing's "Hopsmack!" DIPA, so I bought the bottle. Rare item. Also @solarcbrewing is the Yarrow Sage & Rye "Glassellager" gruit lager (part of his basic four new flight) 4-pak we bought. I had the Fruh Kolsch with my vegan chili. Also I bought two @revisionbrewing cans (Inacan Triple IPA & Elevation Calculation Hazy DIPA). Also the last red jar of @burninbeak red Habanero Pepper Jelly (great with cheese and bread & crackers). Also @eatthisyum Uncured Bacon Marmalade that my wife loved. Loved the "Naughty Sauce" Golden Milk Stout (actually coffee ale) but on flight keg only! #statesidecrafts #revisionbrewing ##solarcbrewing #topplinggoliath #beer #craftbeer

https://vimeo.com/303508976 ....Copy & paste link... MEDEA Theme by Bernard Herrmann for Ray Harryhausen's JASON & THE ARGONAUTS. #bernardherrmann #rayharryhausen #jason&theargonauts

This rainy Thursday Afternoon at 4:30 pm we arrived @thewinecountry at The Wine Country on Redobdo Avenue and attended the $15 "Best of Austria" wine tasting of seven wines. I personally liked best #3 selection, 2016 Hiedler 'Thal' Gruner Vetliner, Kamptal. We also enjoyed most of the cheeses available, and bought the Italian goat cheeseRobiola Di Capra in Foglia Di Porro wrapped in a leaf of leek. Last evening they also had a BeerVenture tasting of 14 beers for $30 but I missed that one. So I asked Nic Bradley, the host of that event, what I should buy. He suggested Russian River "Blind Pig" IPA but the new case won't arrive until tomorrow. So I bought "Prince of Dankness" DIPA from Wild Barrel of Brewing. Plus from Bottle Logic "Actuator" DIPA and "Recursion" IPA. I'll try one of them tomorrow! #thewinecountry #bottlelogic #beer #craftbeer #ilovebeer

After spending nearly 2 & 1/2 hours today (Tuesday) at the DMV, and after having lunch at Soup Plantation, we went down Clark Avenue south a few miles from that restaurant to @steadybrewing Steady Brewing. There we had a totally relaxing & enjoyable time sharing two Grasshopper IPAs watching on TCM "Triple Cross" (1967) starring Christopher Plummer about WWII spy intrigue. The Samsumg big screen had unusual video sharpness & clarity for an old movie. Next tv I get will be a @samsungus Samsung! And thanks again Steady Brewing for the good time! #steadybrewing #soupplantation #samsungtv #grasshopperipa

My wife, Zeffanie, & I went to Sunday Brunch this mid-afternoon at @thesociallistlb The Social List on Retro Row in Long Beach. We shared a country veggie omelet and also a beer flight of four new beers. I sampled the 5th on the list in the image shown here (with my annotations). My favorite was the @uintabrewing Unita Hop Nosh IPA. Had it before. Very good IPA! My second favorite was @allagashbrewing Allagash Tripel. Quite tasty & strong at 9% ABV. We sat outside in the new westside attractive seating area. Quiter there this busy afternoon brunch! #thesociallistlb #uninta #allagash #hopnoshipa

These are two cute & original coasters for our beer glasses mid-afternoon today--yes, today is Thanksgiving Day--at @steadybrewing Steady Brewing. One of the very few beer establishments open this day, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I especially enjoyed the incredible sharpness & clarity of their 40+ inch Samsung tv. DIE HARD was streaming via HDMI/computer setup. Impressive video clearness. We tried all five beers available, including a glass of old reliable "Grasshopper IPA," the steadfast Thirsty Bird (not a turkey, despite this special day!) Blonde, Black Gold stout, Porter of Long Beach, and a sample of Mean Query West Coast IPA. Thank you for being open. The establishment had a friendly & welcoming holiday gathering feel! #steadybrewing #grasshopperipa #samsung #beer #craftbeer #ilovebeer

https://vimeo.com/302098293 "Victory" cue by Bernard Herrmann. Copy & paste this link. #bernardherrmann #jasonandtheargonauts #jason&theargonauts #rayharryhausen

This Thanksgiving week at home I am slowly enjoying these beers (some not shown). The @epicbrewing Epic "Los Locos" is always a winner! And I still have one can left of the Epic "New England Style Hazy IPA." The @northcoastbrewingcompany "Prankqster" Golden Ale is a good one! I still have 3 cans left of @enegrenbrewing Enegren "Schoner Tag" Hefe. Still waiting for the green-canned "Maibock"! : )... Wondering if there is a specific Thanksgiving Day beer? #epicbrewing #enegrenbrewing #northcoastbrewing #beer #craftbeer #ilovebeer