This Thanksgiving week at home I am slowly enjoying these beers (some not shown). The @epicbrewing Epic "Los Locos" is always a winner! And I still have one can left of the Epic "New England Style Hazy IPA." The @northcoastbrewingcompany "Prankqster" Golden Ale is a good one! I still have 3 cans left of @enegrenbrewing Enegren "Schoner Tag" Hefe. Still waiting for the green-canned "Maibock"! : )... Wondering if there is a specific Thanksgiving Day beer? #epicbrewing #enegrenbrewing #northcoastbrewing #beer #craftbeer #ilovebeer

My wife & biked to @tenmilebrewing Ten Mile Brewing yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. We tried the new Domino DIPA at 8.9% ABV. Very delicious! I wanted to also try the new Mystery Spice Belgian Pale Ale but we were bicycling and didn't want to drink too much. Besides, just earlier, we had biked first to @lbbeer Long Beach Beer Lab and had the tasty new Oud Blue'b mildly sour dark porter small glass & Big Wrigs Helles Bock. The Mushroom pizza with Ricotta cheese was very delicious. #tenmilebrewing #longbeachbeerlab #beer #craftbeer #ilovebeer #mushroompizza

This early afternoon (Sunday) we biked 4 miles each way to @lbbeer Long Beach Beer Lab for terrific food & beer. We really loved the newly made Chunky Vegetable soup that Harmony created from eggplant, root vegetables like carrots (etc). Very delicious--very hearty & healthy! I thoroughly enjoyed my 16 oz Big Wrigs beer and my wife like the Milk the Moustache with blueberries and the one with plum (she preferred the blueberries). Then we biked east a mile to @tenmilebrewing for the new Trail Maker, I believe. Quite tasty! No food truck there yet so we're glad we went to Long Beach Beer Lab first for the delicious home-made salad & soup with bread!

Yesterday (Saturday) was a busy day shopping and visiting beer establishments. At @bevmo_co in the cold case I purchased @deschutesbeer "Fresh Haze" & "Fresh Squeezed IPA" at $3.49 each 19.2 oz, @epicbrewing New England Hazy IPA, & @pizzaportbrewingco 6 pak of "Fish IPA" (very nice!). Later at @ranceschicagopizza I had an Enegren "Valkyrie" 16 oz at $7 Altbier 6.2% ABV 35IBU "amber, red" ale. Never had that one from excellent Enegren. Nice! Later at quinnspublb in Belmont Shore we had EnegrenSchoner Tah Hefe. Quite good! Also a veggie burger & sweet potato fries their excellent Black Pepper Ketchup! Somewhere I bought @smogcitybeer a 6-pak of "Amarilla Gorilla" IPA bottles. Very nice!

https://vimeo.com/300002521 .... Celebrating 36 years of marriage this year! Scene from RATON PASS (1950), music by Max Steiner. Dennis Morgan singing! Patricia Neal beautiful! Copy & paste link above to enjoy the video! #marriage #ratonpass #patricianeal #dennismorgan #weddinganniversary

Late this afternoon, after a lot of HOA gardening work, I decided to drink my last saved can of @chapmancrafted Chapman Crafted "Dispense As Written" nitro mild ale that I purchased a month ago at @statesidecrafts Stateside Crafts. Very delicious! I wish I can buy another four-pak somewhere.... #craftmancrafted ##dispenseaswritten #statesidecrafts #craftbeer #ilovebeer

As one of thre three places we visited today on our 36th wedding anniversary, we biked to @rockbottombrewery_longbeach Rock Bottom Brewery Long beach had had two flights of 6 beers each for only $6.50 each ($4 on Tuesdays). Great deal. I especially found the Sailor's Delight dark beer very impressive, and we both liked the Shandy, & the Liquid Sun Mango % Coconut beer (although we really didn't taste the coconut component). Of the three IP's, I liked Cask IPA the best. Go there from 3 to 6 pm Happy Hour for the absolute best deals. We really liked the Jalapeno Pretzel Stix (6 of them) with special cheese sauce for only $5. Terrific Happy Hour! Before that we went to P.F. Changs (we had no liquor then--but excellent Mandarin salad dish! ), and finally at @thesociallistlb for Happy Hour beer, whiskey club, and cauliflower! #pfchangs #thesociallistlb #rockbottom #beer #craftbeer #ilovebeer

After biking today (Sunday, Nov 4, 2018) to @theredleprechaun The Red Leprechaun for an Enegren @enegrenbrewing beer with the blue handle (Helles--but actually the Schoner Tag Hefe listed at 4.8% ABV) we then biked a few miles to Corked @corkedonstearns to see if they still had cans of Schoner Tag. They did--two six paks--that I immediately purchased as well as one 6-pak of Epic @epicbrewing New England Style hazy IPA. Excellent beers. Tho the Schoner Tag can stated 5% ABV (at the pub it was 4.7%) we determined that it was actually the same tasting beer--maybe even better in the can, according to my wife. The blue handle was a mistake because the board listed it as a hefe. I know I had the Helles lager months ago but I do not remember the taste in comparison. Yet Maibock would be #1, then Schoner Tag at # 2, then Helles at #3 with these three. But we had the Enegren IPA at 6.8% ABV for Oktoberfest at @thesociallistlb The Social List a month ago that was absolutely excellent! Is it available in cans? #enegrenbrewing #epicbrewing #corkedonstearns #thesociallistlb #craftbeer #beer #ilovebeer

Thank you @enegrenbrewing for your reply in the previous post re: Enegren Helles. You wrote: "We do have an amazing hefeweizen as well called Schöner Tag, which means "Beautiful Day" in German, and is one of our favorite Oktoberfest songs! Our Schöner Tag Hefeweizen is a traditional Bavarian style hef, or wheat beer. Unfiltered, orangish in color with great flavors of banana and clove which come from the yeast. Check if out when you have a chance! " Actually I DID have your Hefe (see image) that I purchased locally at Corked @corkedonstearns. The server at the restaurant described the Helles as a Hefe so I was confused. Both are excellent but slightly prefer the Helles lager. I'm going back there today for another glass before they close at 3 pm! But so far my absolute favorite Enegren beer is the green-canned "Maibock" Spring Lager that I purchased several times at StatesideCrafts @statesidecrafts last Spring. Make sure Patrick can get paks of it again next Spring! I couldn't find it elsewhere locally. #enegrenbrewing #statesidecrafts #corkedonstearns #maibock ##schönertag #helleslager

This early evening my long-term friend, Christine, my wife & I went to @theredleprechaun The Red Leprechaun for good food & good beer! I was especially keen on having the @enegrenbrewing Enegren Brewing "Helles Hefe" at I believe 5.2% ABV. We shared two glasses. Plus we had a pale ale from (I forgot! : ). We shared Sheperd's Pie, Corned Beef Cabbage, onion rings, and steak fries. Christine was in Mexico on vacation for a week so she did not want any Mexican foos, so I suggest here. She loved it! I don't eat meat so I had samples of the non-meat items. Mainly I wanted the Helles beer since I wasn't very hungry (had brunch at The Social List earlier). #redleprechaun #enegrenbrewing #craftbeer #irishfood #helleshefeweizen

First this mid-afternoon we biked to @statesidecrafts Stateside Crafts. We shared a few beers and I purchased a four-pak of PizzaPort @pizzaportbrewingco "Over the Falls" DIPA. Very good beer! Then we biked a mile down Atlantic to @liberationbrewing Liberation Brewing had had a three-glass flight (see image). Our favorite was the "Just Like Honey" beer. We purchased a full glass after the flight to share together. #statesidecrafts #liberationbrewing #pizzaportbrewingco #craftbeer #ilovebeer #bixbyknolls

These @epicbrewing Epic Brewing beers were my absolute favorite beers but unfortunately you cannot get these bottles in Southern California (except in rare instances) for the last 2-3 years! Sad! Epic needs to improve their distribution down here!....or start putting these beers in cans..... #epicbrewing #utahsaisonsage #coppercone #craftbeer #ilovebeer

Wild Bill: "I have great company, good food but something is missing....what is it?.....Oh, yeah--where is my great craft beer! : ) I don't know if this is @thesociallistlb The Social List on Retro Row, but we just came from there and each had a glass of NON-Oktoberfest beer (finally! : )--Unita Hop-Nosh IPA @uintabrewing that was very delicious and quite refreshing. After a steady diet of Oktoberfest beer since September 22, I'll gravitate for great beers like this and from @smogcitybeer and @epicbrewing. In fact, yesterday afternoon at Corked @corked_bixby Bixby I bought a 6-pak of Epic New England Style IPA Lupulin Burst. #thesociallistlb #epicbrewing #smogcity #smogcitybrewing #uintabrewing #craftbeer #ilovebeer #beer #ipa #indiapaleale #iwantbeer #uintahopnosh #newenglandstyleipa

Here pictured is the 2016 Oktoberfest card promoted at @thesociallistlb The Social List on Retro Row that my wife, Stephanie, failed to complete (I finished mine). Notice only 20 places for stamping. Last year & this year it held 30 beers. Next year might be 40! I heard 2020 will hold 100 bears--so you'll have to drink at least three different beers a day! : ).....BTW, I completed the 2018 new one last evening with the Alaskan Imperial Porter. I think I was the third one to win 2018 coin. Bye Oktoberfest, Hello Novemberfest! #oktoberfest #oktoberfest2018 #thesociallistlb #craftbeer

Today is Sunday, Oktoberfest 28, 2018. Great company, good Oktoberfest beer...what more can a man ask for? : ) #oktoberfest #octoberfest2018 #beer #craftbeer

All right. This Saturday brunch at @thesociallistlb The Social List I had #29 Oktoberfest Club stamped. Only one more to go to reach the magic 30 finale: @alaskanbrewing Alaskan Imperial Pumpkin. Between now and Halloween it will start to be tapped. I hope to be there within that hour. #thesociallistlb #alaskanbrewing #alaskanimperialpumpkinporter #oktoberfest #oktoberfest2018 #octoberfest

We went to @thesociallistlb The Social List this Thursday afternoon and I I ordered the newest Oktoberfest Club beer (pictured below) Figuerora Mountain @figmtnbrew "Once You Go Schwartz beer. That means I have three left to go to reach the magic thirty! #thesociallistlb #figmtnbrew #oktoberfest #octoberfest #octoberfest2018 #beer #ilovebeer #craftbeer

Today we were biking along, very thirsty for Octoberfest beer. We happened upon The Bier Place" (pictured below). It certainly looked quaint with the old-fashioned costumes, the Oktoberfest colors, and German theme. Looked quite inviting. But after five minutes, I asked "Where's the beer?" The man pictured smiled and replied, "Oh! That's is me! I am Mr. Bier, the owner!" So, we politely left, and bicycled down the street to @lbbeer the Long Beach Beer Lab. There we had fresh delicious onion rings, a Turkish pizza, and cauliflower-leek soup paired with Nitro Coco Common and Mango-Pineapple Smoothie Gose. #longbeachbeerlab #oktoberfest #octoberfest