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I'm Chris from Sweden. I try to capture beautiful things with my camera. β € β € I've published a book! πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ“š

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I want a lakeside house too.

Who’d go for an early May sunset dive? Not me.

Mosquito at sunset... is a caption I never thought I’d use 🦟

Today I learned a new word in English - Wood Anemone. I love how Spring makes everything come to live again after the (way too) long winter.

Sunset seagulls and cranes (sorry about the quality).

Wonder of nature.

Nothing but love for old, natural forests carpeted in moss and young trees. So, so ready for spring to begin and have them lushing with life again.


First light is my favorite light.

Favorite weather.

Romantic sunrise.

Last ones standing.