This is what a typical breakfast looks like for me. 3 poached eggs, 3 slices of sourdough, jam to go on one slice and some greens on the side. I’m currently in a caloric deficit following a macronutrient breakdown of 240g protein, 300g carbs and 90g fats which equates to around 3000kcal each day. I started at 97kg 3 weeks ago and am currently sitting at 93.5-94kg give or take daily fluctuations. Each week I have been having one high day where I ramp my carbs up to 470g. I have a competition this Sunday so I haven’t dieting too aggressive as I don’t want to go to far below the weight class which is 95kg. After this comp though, I’ll continue to get much leaner and increase my deficit by increasing my training volume which will increase my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) Each week I will access and measure certain markers which will tell me whether to continue dieting on the same calories, drop calories further or have a short diet break before going back into a deficit. Fat loss isn’t always linear but It’s quite a simple process to achieve. It all comes down to compliance and consistency. The same things that allow you to make progress in anything really. #diet #calories #macros #iifym #eggs #toast #micros #shred #getlean #lean #leangains #health #foodpost #eating #carbs #protein
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