You're scared. You're scared to lose something precious, but not your own precious self. You're scared for not having the ability to conquer the world, but you do not know what you have already lost about yourself, which was already conquered by you. You're scared that everyone will develop a bad perspective about you, but you don't care about thinking negatively for yourself. You're scared that everyone will leave you, one day, but you're not afraid of getting distant from yourself. Talking about yourself isn't always about ego and extreme self proud. Sometimes, talking about yourself, talking to yourself is the most essential thing that we all usually neglect. Believe me, you can discover yourself more and more, everyday if you talk to yourself, if you give yourself some time. Self care and self time is so important. And if you don't know this right now, you will get to realize this very soon! • • • • #writeups #happiness #motivation #motivationalwriteups #scared #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #writings #writeupsofig #selfcare #selftime #youneedyou #writeupsofinstagram
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