(Pic 1) it's not me, but that's what my hair looked like in mid August of 2017. I absolutely HATED the haircut and couldn't wait to grow it out again! (Pic 2) was taken in late December of 2017. It doesn't look like much, but it took FOREVER to get the back even. So, I had to keep cutting the front to keep it even. (Pic 3) was taken last week. I'm finally at a place with my hair that I'm starting to like it again. I've always had a love-hate relationship with my hair, but once it grows out, I feel like I might actually start to love it! Tips for hair growth are very welcome! I'm always looking for new ways to grow my hair even faster! Comment or DM me! #minimalist #hairgrowth #bob #stackedbob #happy #hair #growth #months #lightroom #canon #canont3 #photographer #author #mentalhealth
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