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Looking for a yoga class for your child or with your child? Help your child start of the New Year with some important life skills that will grow with them! Here’s a share of my recent post. One of the most common statements I hear from many children and adults, is "I'm not flexible". What I explain to this statement is this..... if you are truly doing Yoga it doesn't matter how flexible you are. Yoga is not a competition, it's not about who can hold a pose the longest or who can stretch down the farthest! Yoga is about setting intentions for yourself, it's about understanding who you are and who you want to be. Understanding that you are the only one in control of yourself. In my yoga classes both parents & children learn how to connect their breath to their bodies using poses, how to regulate their emotions using breathing techniques, how to practice mindfulness in their everyday lives and so much more! Haven't tried one of my yoga classes? We offer a variety of classes for all ages, no matter how flexible you are! Send us a message to register for one of our classes or register online Looking forward to seeing you on the mat! ❤️ #yogaforkids #mydaughterandi #loveher #bonding #giveitatry #mindfulness #breathing #connecttoyourself #emotions #kids #parenting #lifeskills #teachthemyoung

We visited another orphanage here in Nairobi today. It’s so overwhelming to see how many orphanages there are and so heartbreaking to continue to see how many children don’t have their Mommy’s 😢 #kenya #africa #children #babies #love #orphanage #orphans

Back to the orphanage we started at here in Kenya. Soaking in my baby cuddles from this little guy. ❤️ #kenya #orphanage #babies #babycuddles #love #orphans

I love spending my days here in Kenya with these babies. It’s actually really sad when you see how independent these babies are at such a young age. They don’t know to cry to be held and they are so accustomed to their routine of feedings, diaper changes and sleep. They soak in every moment of cuddles and attention. It’s truly hard to walk away, wish I could take them all home. ❤️ #kenya #africa #babies #orphanage #orphans #makingadifference #truemeaningofchistmas #strength #love #babycuddles #itshardtosee

We’ve made our way back to one of the orphanages in Nairobi. I absolutely love spending time with these children and I’m loving all the baby cuddles. ❤️ A very big thank you to everyone who has sent a donation to help with this much needed journey. A small donation goes a very long way. Here’s my GoFundMe 🙏 ❤️❤️ #kenya #africa #kids #orphans #orphanage #pleasesupportmyjourney #love #babies #makeadifference #thankyou

Yesterday was another day very difficult to take in. 😢 We visited families in their homes and gave them supplies. I was able to hear so many stories on what life is like for these families. One lady we met was a single mom of 8 children, her husband died 2 years ago. She met a man after her husbands passing and became pregnant with her 9th child. Unfortunately after the man discovered she was pregnant he fled leaving her now a soon to be mother of 9. I admired her strength and her motivation to continue on. She just wants to obtain enough funds to start a business of her own so she can continue to support her children. Another one that was hard to swallow was this grandmother who lost all 3 of her daughters and is now caring for all of her grandchildren by herself. She too wishes she could do a business but unfortunately fell and has dislocated her arm 😞. What really amazes me is despite all of this, these children are truly some of the happiest children I have ever met. The one little girl had the biggest smile on her face the whole time!! Thank you Kenya for allowing me to share the true meaning of Christmas. 🤗 #children #wecanhelp #makingadifference #kenya #africa #love #itshardtosee #strength #truemeaningofchistmas

Today was a very special day here in Rural Kenya! The kids loved me teaching them yoga! We gave them much needed supplies and they were so grateful for everything! These children are truly so precious! ❤️ #kids #kenya #africa #yoga #love #smiles #pure #helpthekids

I was told that I would come home a new person and I heard these words but honestly never really understood what that meant exactly. I’m a week into my journey and what I can say is that it’s been a roller coaster of emotions. The things I am seeing is so heartbreaking and some days I have a very difficult time wrapping my head around it. Things like “how could a mother just drop her child in a swamp” “there are so many women trying to have babies and this happens”. You see it on TV but to actually witness it is something unreal. These little souls don’t want to see you cry for them, they want you to smile and laugh with them. These kids are truly some of the happiest kids I have ever met. They don’t even know what it means to be entitled to something. They are so grateful for the time you spend with them and the life necessities you bring them. They hold onto a balloon like it’s gold. From the bottom of my heart I truly thank everyone who has made a donation to help me continue to purchase items for these kids and it’s been so beautiful seeing their reactions. Please consider a small donation to help me with these little souls. ❤️ Here is a link to my GoFundMe 🙏 P.S check out the letter I received from a letter girl that we provided a pencil & paper too. She could have drawn or wrote anything but this is what she writes to me. So very precious 💕 #love #kids #kenya #africa #orphanage #donate #gofundme

Another day well spent at this orphanage in Nairobi. This journey has been such an eye opener and no matter how many stories I hear about these children being abandoned it’s still so heartbreaking to hear. The two little faces peeking out the window were found yesterday in the slums 😢. They are so grateful for everything we do for them. Thank you for everyones support and donations, it’s very much appreciated!! Please help support my journey by making a donation. ❤️ Here’s the link to my GoFundMe 🙏 #africa #kenya #fundraiser #helpsupportagreatcause #children #orphans #babies #heartbreaking

We made our way to another district in Nairobi. It felt so good to hand out supplies to these children. These four boys were at the local “clinic” and it was so hard to wrap my hand around the fact that they just went through a surgery with no anesthesia. They had the biggest smiles on their faces and the gratitude they demonstrated was so pure to see. This woman had just delivered her baby and was so thrilled to receive a care package from us and a maternity bra. There were about 5 women in this tiny place having babies completely natural with no other choice. This journey has been such an eye opener. My heart is melting but so full! Thank you once again to everyone that has made a donation to help me with this journey. Please help me by making a small donation, I can’t even begin to tell you how far the smallest amount can go to help these children. ❤️ Here is my GoFundMe link 🙏 #children #babies #kenya #doingmypart #donations #greatcause #volunteer

When you think you’ve seen it all and you walk into this orphanage! 😢 Over the last few days I have made my way to a few orphanages here in Kenya. Today we made our way to this orphanage and I could not believe what I saw. My heart continues to break for these little souls. One baby was found in the sewer, another was thrown on its head by it’s mother and all of them were left somewhere to survive on their own until found and rescued by these orphanages. Sadly this lady who has opened up her home to these babies can only do so much for them in her tiny home. As moms we know that we only have two hands but could you imagine trying to jungle all these babies every day, all night with no support?! I didn’t want to leave and I will definitely be going back with supplies to help her. Once again thank you so much to everyone who has made a generous donation. I can’t even tell who how a small donation can help these children! Please help support my journey! ❤️ Here’s the link to my GoFundMe 🙏 #orphans #heartbreaking #babies #helpingthem #kenya #gofundmedonations #supportagreatcause

Another day well spent at an orphanage here in Kenya. Words can’t express how much it breaks my heart looking into these little eyes and knowing they don’t have a Mommy to love them or hold them daily. As much as I wanted to cry, the only thing they want you to do is look into their eyes and smile. It’s so hard leaving them and walking away, my heart simply breaks. After we make our way to the Rural part of Kenya I will be going back to bring them much needed supplies such as diapers, wipes, food, formula, baby clothes, toys and so much more! I’m going to make my way to the local market and purchase these items for them. A very big thank you to everyone who has sent a donation, I truly appreciate your support. The smallest donation goes a long way for these little souls! ❤️ Here’s the link to my GoFundMe 🙏 #babies #orphans #helpthebabies #volunteer #donate #children #kenya

Before making our way out to Rural Kenya we spent the day at an orphanage with so many babies who were abandoned by their Mothers 😢. We were able to bring them some of our supplies but would love to purchase these little babies more and bring them to the orphanage before we leave Kenya. It was so hard seeing all these babies with no help and the only thing I wanted to do was bring them home with me. This orphanage is in high demand for diapers, wipes, baby clothes, formula and they would love some toys for them. I have access to a local market here in Kenya to purchase these items. I would be so grateful for your donation, it’s amazing how as little as $10 can go a long way for these precious souls and besides I promised my hubby I wouldn’t bring any babies home. ❤️ Please help by donating to my GoFundMe. #kenya #donate #babies #everylittlebithelps #gofundme #orphanage #sosad #cuddles

In just 5 days I will be embarking on a life changing journey to Kenya. I will be going with Dorothy Kaminski Guerra and her daughter. Dorothy has an amazing itinerary lined up for us. Together, we are on a mission to give children hope, donating basic necessities that you and I take for granted in our first world lives. We will be visiting orphanages and offering yoga to children, creating books for library exchange between children from here. Currently we are still looking for financial donations as we will be purchasing shoes, uniforms, staples and creating sustainable meals in the hopes of purchasing chickens. Please make your donation today! #supportagreatcause #myjourney #africa #donatetomygofundme #grateful #everylittlebithelps #letsmakeadifference

So proud of this group for completing Part 1 of my 8 week mindfulness Course! Their commitment of time, energy and their understanding of mindfulness and positive growth mindset is outstanding! 🙌🙏 #mindfulness #positivegrowthmindset #growthmindset #knowyourworth #positivethinking #kids #mindset

Whoohoo! Yoga-Tastic 4 Kids will be teaching a Parent & Child class catered to babies at My Gym in Oakville on November 13th @ 9:30am! To register please use this link and click on class calendar! ⬇️ #momandbabyyoga #yogaforkids #connectingwithyourbaby #joinus #mygym

After School yoga kids doing some fun poses in their costumes! Loved how they are played the part of their costumes so well! 👻 #halloweenyoga #yogaforkids #loveteachingkids #afterschool #mindfulness #imagine #kidsyogateacher

Happy Halloween! 🎃 #happyhalloween #yogatastic4kids