PLEASE HELP ME REACH MY GOAL! ONLY 24 CARDS LEFT!! 🙏 🏀 Who wants to win LOWER BOWL Raptor tickets?! Section 117 😊! only 1 in 54 chance of winning these amazing tickets! 🙌 Help support my journey to working with 200 orphaned children in a remote village in Kenya! I will be leaving on November 23rd & returning on December 18th. The funds being raised are to purchase supplies for the children and safe birthing kits. Sadly 1 out of 5 women in these slums die from childbirth. The safe birthing kits are costing me $10/each to bring and I can’t even count how many pregnant women there are. I know I can’t help them all but the little I can will make a difference. I was very fortunate to have one of the families I work with donate these tickets to help raise funds for my journey. Please help me make a difference! 🙏 How it works: In the comments section type in the card you would like me to write your name on. Send an EMT to for $20 and please put your selected card, name & phone # in the message section in your EMT. Once I receive your EMT I will write your name and phone # on your card. Once all cards are sold we will take another deck of cards (same set) dump them in a bowl and go live to pick our winner card!! 🙌 8 of ♠️ 4 of ♦️ K of ♠️ A of ♥️ 3 of clubs 4 of ♥️ A of ♠️ A of ♦️ K of ♥️ Both Jokers Q of ♥️ Q of ♠️ Q of ♦️ Q of clubs A of clubs 8 of ❤️ 9 of ❤️ 2 of ❤️ 6 of clubs 8 of ♦️ 8 of clubs gone 10 of ♦️ gone 2 of ♠️ 9 of clubs 7 of ♥️ 6 of ♥️ 7 of ♦️ 7 of ♠️ J of ♥️ #raptors #raptorstickets #youcouldwin #1in54 #fundraiser #kids #grateful #greatcause #pleasehelp #goals
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