HI EVERYONE! I COULD REALLY USE YOUR SUPPORT WITH MY JOURNEY TO WORKING WITH 200 ORPHANED CHILDREN & ASSISTING TO DELIVER BABIES IN RURAL KENYA. πŸ™ I HAVE ONLY 13 CARDS LEFT! THIS IS A WIN WIN FOR THE CHILDREN IN RURAL KENYA AND A 1 IN 54 CHANCE AT WINNING LOWER BOWL RAPTORS TICKETS SECTION 117!! πŸ€ I WILL BE GOING LIVE ON SUNDAY TO DRAW OUR LUCKY CARD! πŸ™ As some know I’m heading to a remote village in Rural Kenya to work with 200 orphaned children leaving on November 23rd and returning home on December 18th. I’m trying to raise funds to purchase supplies for the children to bring and to purchase safe birthing kits for the pregnant women. Sadly 1 in 5 women die from natural childbirth due to unsanitary conditions leading to disease and infections. I was very fortunate to have one of my families I work with donate LOWER BOWL Raptor tickets Section 117, to help me raise funds 😊! For a donation of only $20 you will have a 1 in 54 chance of winning these amazing tickets! Excellent odds!! πŸ™Œ How it works: In the comments section type in the card you would like me to write your name on. Send an EMT to sandra@parentingsolutions.ca for $20 and please put your selected card, name & phone # in the message section in your EMT. Once I receive your EMT I will write your name and phone # on your card. Once all cards are sold we will take another deck of cards (same set) dump them in a bowl and go live to pick our winner card!! πŸ™Œ Please see pic of board for the cards available! Thank you so much for your support! I promise it will go a long way! πŸ™β€οΈ #kenya #africa #kids #helpmereachmygoal #fundraiser #raptors #awesomeseats #itsawinwin
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