Yesterday was another day very difficult to take in. 😒 We visited families in their homes and gave them supplies. I was able to hear so many stories on what life is like for these families. One lady we met was a single mom of 8 children, her husband died 2 years ago. She met a man after her husbands passing and became pregnant with her 9th child. Unfortunately after the man discovered she was pregnant he fled leaving her now a soon to be mother of 9. I admired her strength and her motivation to continue on. She just wants to obtain enough funds to start a business of her own so she can continue to support her children. Another one that was hard to swallow was this grandmother who lost all 3 of her daughters and is now caring for all of her grandchildren by herself. She too wishes she could do a business but unfortunately fell and has dislocated her arm 😞. What really amazes me is despite all of this, these children are truly some of the happiest children I have ever met. The one little girl had the biggest smile on her face the whole time!! Thank you Kenya for allowing me to share the true meaning of Christmas. πŸ€— #children #wecanhelp #makingadifference #kenya #africa #love #itshardtosee #strength #truemeaningofchistmas
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