Looking for a yoga class for your child or with your child? Help your child start of the New Year with some important life skills that will grow with them! Here’s a share of my recent post. One of the most common statements I hear from many children and adults, is "I'm not flexible". What I explain to this statement is this..... if you are truly doing Yoga it doesn't matter how flexible you are. Yoga is not a competition, it's not about who can hold a pose the longest or who can stretch down the farthest! Yoga is about setting intentions for yourself, it's about understanding who you are and who you want to be. Understanding that you are the only one in control of yourself. In my yoga classes both parents & children learn how to connect their breath to their bodies using poses, how to regulate their emotions using breathing techniques, how to practice mindfulness in their everyday lives and so much more! Haven't tried one of my yoga classes? We offer a variety of classes for all ages, no matter how flexible you are! Send us a message to register for one of our classes or register online www.yogatastic4kids.ca https://www.facebook.com/yogatastic4kids/ Looking forward to seeing you on the mat! ❤️ #yogaforkids #mydaughterandi #loveher #bonding #giveitatry #mindfulness #breathing #connecttoyourself #emotions #kids #parenting #lifeskills #teachthemyoung
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