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To The Glory Of The Great Benefactor Of The Universe 🌓

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Ivan Gunawan

2 Days 22 Hours Ago

finally mom kita kerja bareng lagih @isdadahlia @kilaudmd

Andrew Mytro

3 Days 3 Hours Ago

Custom illustration Toyota MR2 sw20 Customer: @datdopedel . . . . . #toyota #mr2 #sw20 #primemr2 #stellartech #golliebuilt #illustration #andrewmytro #miatamerch #custom #black #childhooddreams

Yok Artik 😂😂😂 Arkadaslarnizi Etiketleyin ♡ . Takip et @video.maraq👈

Jangan Lupa Senyum pagi pagi yah ,, kiss kiss 😘. Follow @sarahardhelia.6808 @bodyfit.with_sarah

Andyman 🇮🇹

2 Days 17 Hours Ago

Dedicato a chi si allena in palestra dopo il lavoro, siete degli eroi! Io sono morto!! Preferisco la palestra piena di vecchietti la mattina presto! 😄 Anyway, ricordate che con il codice ANDY10 su PROZIS potrete avere subito uno sconto del 10% su tutto l’assortimento. 👀👊🏼 #afterworkout #prozisitalia

TRAIN HEAVY, TRAIN HARD! Download my FREE training and nutrition plans HERE ⏭⏭ www.centurionclub.training ⏮⏮ . @cindytraining #cindytraining #instafit #igfitness #fitness #fitnessgirl #girlswithmuscles #followme


2 Days 13 Hours Ago

Rp Vibes From @JamaicaCraft. @Roography on Tribute Piece. Rehearsals for Vh1 Divas. Opening Tribute To MJ. #friday


3 Days 5 Hours Ago

Masalah keluarga 😂

Perfect Body💦 @onlygoodstaf. . . . 📸 @super.fitgirls

Matthew Miller

2 Days 16 Hours Ago

The best things in life aren’t things 🖤 #iloveyou

bri 🍁

14 Hours Ago

living they best life

שתי חגיגות ביום אחד 🎉🎊🎁. צמח ועזרא, יום הולדת שמח 💛🖤 #מזלטוב

🌹 Sara 🌹

2 Days 19 Hours Ago

the pants are super cute 😍

Rina Nose

2 Days 5 Hours Ago

Makeup myself 💄💄 I’m wearing @ivangunawan_cosmetics by @ivan_gunawan . Photo taken by @indrakula_03 . Softlens (matake brown) by @destisoftlens22

Michie Peachie

2 Days 15 Hours Ago

Not one Healthy cookie goes to waste in my household 🤣 My absolute favorite healthy treats are from @eatmeguiltfree 😛! If you Have a sweet tooth like me, reach for one of these 👌🏻 Totally GUILT FREE and diet safe. When I’m having one of those sweet hangry days, i make sure to get a hard workout in and reward myself with one of these along with my protein shake 🔥🤤 so glad these things exist lol!! Only problem is hiding them from my fiancé who’s an even bigger Cookie Monster than me 🙈 - I have not had a flavor i didnt Love - #fitness #fitspo #fit #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitlife #health #healthy #healthytreats #diet #nutrition #diettips #healthtips #healthycookies #cookies #sweets #eatsmart #guiltfree

shoujo manga

1 Day 2 Hours Ago

Manga: I"S — ℹ : ( 18+ ) This manga was adapted to anime series with the same title. — Author : Katsura Masakazu Chapters : 143 Status : Completed Genres : Ecchi, Romance, Comedy, Harem, School, Drama, Shounen — Synopsis : Sixteen-year-old Seto Ichitaka is a completely normal Japanese boy who has a crush on Yoshizuki Iori, a girl in his class who has become so popular she now has her own fan club at school. Since the day he first saw Iori-chan, Ichitaka has been too shy to even talk to her, but one day he has the perfect opportunity: he’s selected randomly to work with her on the two-person Freshman Welcoming Ceremony Committee. Just as things are starting to go well, Ichitaka’s childhood “girlfriend,” Itsuki, returns from the U.S., to live in his house, at the worst possible moment. Ichitaka spends the rest of high school dealing with his emotions and trying to get together with Iori-chan, even though he never lets go of the feeling that she’s uninterested in him, despite her kindness and friendliness towards him. In the end he’ll be glad he persevered. — first of all, I really like the artwork. it reminds me of sasuga kei's works. the pacing of this manga though is really slow. almost like it's not moving forward at all but I finished it anyway. the mc is a loser, well it's a shounen manga afterall. if he's not stupid, he can't be the male lead lmao. I will admit that it's kinda enjoyable to read but it's get dull soon with some cliches like always. the characters are developed in a good way, I guess? except seto, he's really slow lol. overall? it's an average read for me, kinda wishing it's more than average but nah. — #shoujomanga #romancemanga #is #shounenmanga #mangacouple #mangarecommendation