If you only listen to one of my podcasts, please make it the one I posted today! This conversation with my old ecology professor Dr. Phil Dustan sheds light on my favorite ecological concept - the Gaia Hypothesis, the idea that the entire planet is a connected system operating as one organism. Let me know what you think! Extra Pulp on Apple Podcasts or click the link in my bio. Thanks y’all!
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@jeanetteaffolter 😍🔥👌🏻🙏🏻👊🏻💨❤️

This is not the best picture...BUT sometimes the simplest moments in life are some of the best!🙌 Guess how long it’s been since I had taken a NAP on the grass?!Take a wild guess? 13 freaking years!!!😱Basically the last time I took a nap was sometime before my accident, before I was paralyzed!😭 I swear!!💯 Why?! Oh god because of many reasons... - One thing I must say is NOT everyone who’s in a wheelchair is the same! There are many different types of disabilities and therefore everyone is different. Some people CAN walk, other people can go from their chair to the floor easily. Well that’s not me...😂 so I hate feeling stuck or make a scene because I can’t go back to my chair and then I feel bad, etc etc. - •But ALSO and mainly because my body is super sensitive and I get “disteflexic.” I suffer from “autonomic disreflexia” basically the moment my body is uncomfortable for whatever reason (including being on hard surfaces) my blood pressure goes up...😱 so it’s really tough! So why make a scene, go down to the floor to then realize I gotta go back right away because my body doesn’t like it and my blood pressure is going up?!☹️ The thing about disreflexia is that if whatever is causing it, doesn’t get fixed, your blood pressure can keep rising and lead to a stroke or death!! It’s a serious thing!! - BUT somehow this grass was kind of fluffy and it didn’t make me DISREFLEXIC 😱 and I took like a 30 min nap just laying on the grass, so comfy and it felt amazing!!!!🙌😭 I felt so FREE again, just like everyone else at this park!!😭 Sometimes it’s hard to feel that way when my body is so sensitive but THIS NAP FELT AMAZING!! I couldn’t believe it had been that long though?! I kinda started to cry when I realized it!!😭 - Life is NEVER EASY OR PERFECT for ANYONE!! So life is all about enjoying the little things!! I’m NOT sharing this so you feel bad for me...❌ Please don’t! But so you realize how blessed YOU ARE to have what you HAVE!✔️ PLEASE Never take things for granted!!Remember that there IS always someone else who’s got it way worst than you...BUT that we’re ALL BLESSED IN OUR OWN WAY!!🙏❤️ Who’s watching the #worldcup?? En ESPAÑOL ⤵️ en comentarios!

🧞‍♂️ She more savage than me 🤪 @tinylaflare

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